Squaring the Strange # 177 – Field Trip to Bagansland with Susan and Kenny!

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Just in time for Halloween: A look back at a classic Squaring the Strange show! 

We begin with a look at the continuing danger of online rumors igniting mob violence and the Google engineer who is in the news for his belief that the AI in development there has reached sentience. Then we are joined by Susan Gerbic and Kenny Biddle, who ventured out to Vegas recently and joined Ben for a tour of Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum (but is it, really?). We discuss the “real paranormal” angle versus theatrical haunted house that this museum tries to straddle, and Kenny shares some details on artifacts like the Dybbuk box, which he likely devalued by solving the “mysteries” behind them. Later we are joined by a super secret special guest with a bit of insider info. We enjoyed the chat so much that this ended up our longest episode ever! Check it out HERE!



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