Investigating Ghosts!

by | Nov 20, 2022 | Benjamin Radford, Books, Ghosts, Investigation, Media Literacy, Skepticism | 2 comments

The owner of a ghost hunting equipment manufacturing company emailed asking me to update an article I wrote debunking his product. 🧐

First, the article is from 16 years ago; second, I don’t write for LiveScience anymore, and third, even if I did: No.


It’s here, in case you’re interested!



  1. Ano

    The Charlatan is having a temper tantrum, 16 years later.

  2. Edward

    Hello Mr. Radford,
    I have proof that ghosts exist and it’s no meter reading. I have clear video of an orb appearing and upon its appearance causing the camera to bounce as well as it cause another object to pull towards it.
    Then the second proof I have is a detailed drawing in dust that I see impossible for anyone to do not to mention that the time period of 30 min when I left home and returned no such drawing existed.but did when I returned while Noone was at the home while I was gone. if you’d like I can send the images and video to you just email me at


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