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Russia, Georgia, Lasha

Opened up today’s newspaper to see that Russian tanks are attacking the Republic of Georgia. Lasha, the guy who sculpted the figures for my game, lives in Georgia, I think in the capital of T’bilisi. I e-mailed Jim at Firewheel Casting (who created the Ltd. Ed idols) to see if he’s heard from Lasha, if […]

My friend Patty and my next door neighbor came over and helped me pack figurines into boxes for 3 hours. It would have taken me five hours, that’s what friends are for. I’m feeling relieved to finally have the pieces in boxes and ready to go. 17 days until D-Day, gotta get this stuff in […]


Began reading a book called Blasphemy: Verbal Offenses Against the Sacred, From Moses to Salman Rushdie, by Leonard Levy. It’s been on my shelf for years, but I figured it was time to bone up on it, as it’s possible I’ll be called a blasphemer at some point soon, so I might as well know […]

Dragon*Con and Customs

Dragon*Con and Customs

I’m sleeping better at night… Found out that my shipment was X-rayed by Customs, they didn’t see anything interesting, so they sent it back to the warehouse, and theoretically it will be on the way to Atlanta. I’m now figuring my chances of having the games at the big premiere are better than 50/50, maybe […]

Coming to America!

Good news, good news. Word is that my shipment of 250 games have arrived on US soil in L.A from the literal “slow boat from China.” Still a risk, Customs may decide to do a random inspection and hold up my games for 2 weeks. If so, I’m in deep shit. If not, it may […]

A little R&R… Excelsior!

Saw sneak preview of the new Mummy movie; it was okay for a third-generation Indiana Jones clone. I’m still preparing to send 1,200 deluxe (Ltd.Ed.) figurines to Atlanta, and trying to get all the stuff I’ll need. I got 250 4X4X6 boxes in bulk from a company called ULine. I decided I should make the […]

Your Own Personal Jesus

I got, overnight, from Hong Kong via Nevada, the sample figures that will serve as the prototypes for the pawns in the game. These are basically made of sculpted hard clay. The Limited Edition idols served as the prototypes. Those are handmade and hand-poured, and have much more detail than could be done in a […]